A story of once in a lifetime meetings -Goshuin-

What is “Goshuin”?


“Goshuin” is the red ink stamp imprinted on the stamp book for worshipers. Originally, the red stamp was for people who do the Sutra. However, nowadays, the tradition is simplified, and it is possible to get the red stamp whoever visit the shrine temples.

“Goshuin” of each temple has a diversity of variety.

The general style is written by black ink, and there are variety styles. For examples,  a red stamp of a vermillion imprerinted with a deep edge as a motif, a date of visit, a name of a temple, enshrined deities of name and so on.



If you want to get “Goshuin”, you need to have a stamp book for the red stamp.


Fristly, let’s get a stamp book for “Goshuin” . You need a special notebook that dedicated to get “Goshuin”, because a general notebook has the impression that rude behavior. You might be rejected getting “Goshuin”, if you bring it.

Late years, visiting sacred sites is getting popular. With that as a start, The word which is “Goshuin Girl” settled in Japan. “Goshuin Girl” means the girl who is collectting “Goshuin” from shrines or temples. Accordingly, stamp books of various design are sold. Finding your favorite notebook will be memories of your travel as well.



Let’s go to “Daisen temple”! The approach to the entrance is also attractive.


It has been a long time since I’ve came to Daisen in winter. The place and time made me fresh feelings. From the parking lot to Daisen temple is straight on the approach. Although restaurants and souvenir shops line up, unlike miscellaneous crowds of common sightseeing spots, it is somewhat solemo atmosphere.

If you lack of exercise, this road might be tough to you. Because, this road is uphill. However, there is rest spots such as a Japanese restaurant called “Goen-yuin” or footbath apot called “kantake-Onsen-Ashiyu”, therefore, you are able to go to Daisen temple while taking a break. Let’s enjoy and walk to listen the nature’s sounds.



Means of “Totonou”



You will see the flag of “Totonou” a lot on the approach. Message that “This mountain give what you need” is written on this flag. The symbol mark “Totonou” contains a wish that it wants all people who visit Daisen to have a healthy and happy body, breath and mind.



Suddenly, atmosphere was changed?


There was a deep green forest around the approach, and when I came down to Daisen temple, I felt suddenly changed the atomosphere. The body which was a little sweaty settled down with cool air. Is this what it means “Totonou”?


When you go up the stone steps, there is a mountain gate. Let’s pay the visit fee here first. When you go up more, there is a temple dedicated to the Kannon.  You are able to get “Goshuin” at this place, but let’s go to worship before that.




Thinking of the founding a temple 1300 years


First of all, I worshiped at the main hall.  In 1951, this main hall seems to have rebuilt what was destroyed by fire in 1928. Daisen temple had prosperd as training dojo for monks of 3000 or more pries, in the peak period. Number of the temple also seemed to have exceeded 100.

Although I can not imagine the landscape that it was opened a temple in 1300 years ago, I couldn’t stop thinking about monk’s feelings at that time, when I stood at the same place.




Ringing the bell should be done before the worship



“Bell of fortune” next to the main hall.

The bell ringing after worshiping is said “Return bell”, and that bell means bad luck. As I didn’t know about that, unfortunately I had rang the bell after worshiping. However, I put in my wish in the bell, and rang respectfully at that time! I did make a mistake. But, the harmony of the lively forest and bell sounds made me feel very solemn.




Finally, “Goshuin” time came!


Finally, it is time to get “Goshuin”. I got 3 “Goshuin” from “Izumonokuni Buddha temple”, “Daisen temple” and “Memorial of Daisen 1300 years”.  The “Goshuin” was beautiful enough that I could watch it forever.

Staff of temple wrote “Goshuin” on the my notebook, and they dried it with a dryer for that it would not appear on other pages. (Old people would have been unimaginable this situation at 1300 years ago.)




The fate


There are a variety of style such as colorful things, things with illustrations, beautiful red stamps and so on in the “Goshuin”, you can enjoy them like a art or limited collections. This trend is good thing, because it helps the “Goshuin” boom.

But it is too good for only “Goshuin” boom! By knowing deeply the shrines and temples, collecting the red seal will be more interesting.  Also, it is fun to check at that  what kind of good luck containds in the “Goshuin”.

Incidentally, Daisen’s good luck is famous as protecting children and safety of traveling. In addtion, there are various good luck such as good health, good harvests, pray for victory and so on.

Basically, “Goshuin” is handwriting. There is no same one in this world. Additionally, the “Goshuin” you get is written for noly you. There are as many stories as there are people.

When you look at the “Goshuin”, feelings and scenes at the time of worship will remind you. Every single “Goshuin” have each single story. Therefore, each “Goshuin” is very precious and special.


Daisen-ji Temple

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