Catching a starry sky

Tottori prefecture is becoming famous for the best beautiful starry sky in Japan. Therefore, Tottori prefecture is called Hoshitori prefecture. “Hoshitori” means “catching a starry sky” in Japanese.



Recent years, Tottori prefecture is collecting a lot of attention from photographers because of a beautiful starry sky. Tottori prefecture has many photo spots of taking the starry sky.  The photo of Daisen mountains with the Milky Way is very popular visitors from other country.

Also, Tottori prefecture was selected as best spot of journey for seeing the starry sky from Instagram and Japanese magazines. Gradually, Tottori prefecture have drawn attention.

Previously, A starry sky in Tottori had become a hot topic and the Ministry of the Environment certified it as the best starry sky in Japan.

Although it is a sky in the city that is certificated as the best starry sky in Tottori, most picture taken in magazine and television are actually from Daisen.

If you want to actually see its fantastic scenery, Tottori City is the best spot. However if you want to take a photo, Daisen mountains located in western Tottori is the best place.




Breathtaking beauty of  “Daisen” and “the starry sky”



The Milky Way of the early summer is very special, because, there are so many stars as far as the eye can see in the sky. You will have wonderful experience. The combination of the starry sky and the Daisen mountains is so spectacular that you forget that you are in Japan. 

Daisen mountains is very similar shape with Mt.Fuji, and there is no high buildings around. Therefore, the Daisen mountains and the starry sky would be the special scenery. You might think it would be difficult to shoot this Daisen mountains and the starry sky at the some time.

Definitely, shooting photos by a mobile phone might be difficult. But, I took this photo with a mirrorless SLR. If you have that kind of camera or a digital point and shoot, it is possible to take a photo like this.

Don’t you think it wonderful that anybody can take beautiful photos like this? Once, you learn a simple knack, you can take any photos as you wish!




Endless starry sky in the small “Tottori prefecture”



Tottori prefecture has the smallest population (about 570,000 people) in Japan. That means you can get enough private space.

The same can be said when you go to take photos at night. You can enjoy searching good shooting points, and taking the starry sky in your own time schedule without crowded people. This is unique point of Tottori prefecture.

You might meet some local people or photographers, on the way to take a photo. Most people you meet would be kind. Please try to talk to them. They would teach some techniques for you.




Don’t worry! There is a tour for beginner!



Recently, they even hold a tours of shooting stars for beginners. So that many people can enjoy taking photos.

Not only Daisen mountains, but you can go to “Tottori sand dunes”, which is famous in Japan as well. Since they have detailed tour information on the tourist information offices in Tottori Prefecture, please try to participate on this tour by all means.

Though finding good location to take a photo by yourself is very enjoyable, since there are some dangerous road at night, we recommend to join the tour first especially beginners.

Speaking of the outdoors, we tend to imagine on daytime activities. However, shooting stars at night is a new way of outdoors entertainment activity. You will feel beautiful nature with the body, and you will be healed by the time.




Not only watching the stars, but also camping!



If you go to Daisen mountains to see the stars, I definitely recommend camping. There are many campgrounds in Daisen, and there are many well-equipped facilities as well.

Among them, we would like to recommend “FBI DAISEN”. They have free campground areas, and you can set up a tent on any places that you can see Daisen mountains.

The article of “FBI DAISEN” is here!

We also would like to recommened finding a satellite in the starry sky. During the camp, you don’t need to care about time. You can watch the lovely sky as long as you like.

You might see some light spot which is moving slowly, when you are watching the sky. This is the satellite. The sky in Daisen is very clear, so it is possible to see with naked eyes.



Recommended shooting spots



Although there are plenty of shooting spots that we would like to recommend, please try to take a photo of Daisen mountains from Shoji Ueda Photo Museum first. In the night, the parking lot is wide open, and the scenery taken from the sidewalk can capture stars and Daisen mountains like a beautiful panoramic image.

Also, don’t forget the starry sky from around “mont-bell Daisen store”.

There is a bridge nearby. On the right side of the bridge, you can see the shining scenery of Yonago city. On the left side, lofty Daisen mountains and the beautiful starry sky are spread out there. This place is one of the recommended shooting spots. Even though you are a beginner of camera, you can enjoy taking a photo without worrying about the time.

It is cool in summer in Daisen, and the air is clear. So, you can spend comfortably here. In this summer, please enjoy not only in the daytime activities, but also in the night time with starry skies.


Hoshitori Prefecture