Attraction of flowers beyond appreciation -Tottori HANAKAIRO flower park-

Inside the flower park – showing different expression on every visit.


“Tottori HANAKAIRO flower park” is one of the biggest flower parks in Japan, which is located at the foot of Daisen mountain. Although main flowers are lilies, you can enjoy the park in any seasons since other seasonal flowers are always decorating the park.

When we visited this time, blue colored Salvias were planted beautifully all over the area called “flower’s hill”. The bright red colored Salvias in autumn is also overwhelming.




You can enjoy the park comfortably at anytime thanks to lots of considerations in the park!



Since there is a corridor surrounding in the park, you can enjoy the park without being affected by the weather. Even on a rainy day, you don’t have to bring your  umbrella. This consideration is very helpful for family visitors. Moreover, there are a rescue room and a nursing room in the park. Also, you can borrow strollers, wheelchairs and silver cars for free. These are gentle considerations so that various people can enjoy it.



Besides that, we would like to recommend to take the “flower train”.

The pink colored train looks very pretty and you can go around the flower park by the train. Adults can enjoy the 15 minutes ride by 300 yen, elementary and junior high school students can enjoy the 15 minutes ride by 150 yen.  If you take the train first, you can grasp what and where it is and it could be easier to make a subsequent plan.



Beautiful flowers, and Daisen… You can not do without the camera!



There are many spots where you want to take pictures. One of my favorite spots is the display near at the entrance.

Flowers are decorated with various themes from season to season, and we are sure that you will stop by and take a photo in front of the spot. The decoration would make you feel as if you were in a picture book.  Previously, when we went there in autumn, the decoration was in Halloween style.



Speaking of pictures, there is another spot you should check for taking a photo. The spot is called “European Garden”located at the back of the flower dome, which is the most conspicuous building in this flower park.

From there, you can take pictures with Daisen mountain on sunny days. Besides, there is an observatory deck so that everyone can take pictures of Daisen mountain easily. In addition, they hold some concerts or even a wedding ceremony depending on the day.

They supply free wifi there, so you can upload your pictures on SNS soon.

Also, there is a Japanese style photo booth called “Purikura” with various language functions in front of the restaurant.  We are sure that you can enjoy Purikura with your friends or family.


Let’s feel Tottori’s attraction in the Restaurant HANAKAIRO!



There is a restaurant called “Restaurant HANAKAIRO” in this flower park. You can have delicious dishes that use the local foods like meat, fish, vegetables and rice as well as water from groundwater of the flower corridor. At this season, they serve the limited-time-only menu for “Daisen 1300 years memorial dishes”. We tried a beef yakiniku bowl among the limited menu.  The meat from the local was so tender that even an infant who could not usually bite meat easily could eat the meat without any problems.

For dessert, how about soft-serve ice cream with “Pear” flavor? Pears are special products in Tottori prefecture.You can find soft-serve ice cream at the shops inside the flower dome and that in the western building.  It only costs 350 yen. Lots of pear juice are mixed in ice cream so it tastes just like a pear itself.


Let’s make “a key chain with pressed flowers” as your memorial souvenir!



It is fun to see a lot of flowers, but if you have spare time, there is another thing I would like to recommend. It is experience to make some works while touching fresh flowers.

In the flower corridor, there are also programs that you can learn about flowers or actually touch and arrange the flowers, such as gardening classes and horticulture culture courses. Gardening classes require advance reservation, but you can join the guided tours on the day. (Guided in Japanese)

When I visited there, I could not participate in these courses because of time, so I participated in the course, which we can make “a key chain with pressed flowers”. The studio is in the flower dome and you can experience to make a key chain with 550 yen or a coaster with 800yen. You can apply on the spot without reservation.


How to arrange flowers… this is a exciting point as a creator. I got crazy about the task of arranging it in a transparent case while the instructor kindly advices to me.

Because the pressed flower petals are genuine dried flower petals, it can easily got torn unless you gently pick up with tweezers. You really need to concentrate when you try to move the petals.

However, you don’t need to be afraid because even 4-year-old child can manage to pick them up after he/she gets used to it.



Please try to arrange them while thinking about thickness and color of each flower petal, and you can make your one and only work in the world. You don’t need to spend much time for this course. As you can make your favorite work in a short time, please try it if you are interested in. In my case, I enjoyed this course more than I had expected and I’m planning to attach this key chain to my baggage.


The atmosphere changes and the night begins wonderfully!

The fee of “Tottori HANAKAIRO” is 1,000 yen for adult and 500 yen for kids (high season from April to November). However, they sometimes have a night opening day and the fee becomes cheaper down to 700 yen for adult and 350 yen for kids during the time. I have been there at night to see the illuminations during winter. Combination of flowers and lights was in very fantastical atmosphere and made me feel romantic.

“Tottori HANAKAIRO flower park” has full of various appealing points and it is definitely one of the best recommended spots!


Tottori HANAKAIRO flower park

110 Tsuruta, Nanbu-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
TEL 0859-48-3030