Appreciating remarkable water -Spring water in Hongu (Hongu no Izumi)-

Yonago water is so delicious, even by tap water!


Can you imagine you can drink tap water directly? You don’t need to buy the bottled water in the Tottori prefecture. Many people are amazed at the situation.

Water in “Yonago city” of the Tottori prefecture is pleasant to the taste. Therefore, water is loved from every generation, and Yonago water have good reputation.

Yonago water is groundwater which is gift from Daisen mountains.  In search of delicious water, major beverage manufacturers have adopted Daisen water as a sampling point for mineral water.


Recommended place, “Spring water in Hongu (Hongu no Izumi)”


There are a few places to drink famous mineral water in the nature of Daisen.

Among them, We would like to recommend the place called “Hongu no Izumi” in the Yodoe town.


This is the entrance of “Hongu no Izumi”.

This place is in the place called “Yonago shi Yodoe cho Hongu” near the Daisen sightseeing road where we can also find many private houses nearby.


You can come by car, because there is a parking area nearby. However, please pay attention not to make any noise and not to park on the road for neighborhoods.


There is another way to go there. Take a loop bus called “Donguri Korokoro” from “AEON mall in Hiezu”. The cost is only 150 Yen. You can also enjoy scenery on the way to “Yonago shi Yodoe cho Hongu”.



Mysterious atmosphere



“Hongu no Izumi” is cozy place, but when you move further, it looks like a forest. Even though in the middle of summer, you can feel cool air there. In autumn season, you can see colorful autumn leaves. This season is very beautiful as well.


As you go down the stairs of the entrance of “Hongu no Izumi”, you hear very strong sounds of water. The sounds already make you feel cool.


As you keep walking across the small bridge, and going down the stairs, you will find a pond on the right side. You can find some rainbow trouts swimming in the pond.


You can buy a pack of bait by 50 yen for feeding rainbow trouts at unattended sales place.

Also scenery of flower blooming by the waterside is very serene. When you see that, you might feel that time slips slowly only in this place.





Abundantly springs up, Healing water



You can see water flowing out from the mountains side (left side), and springing up from under the ground. 3 tons of water is springing up everyday.  You can feel the effect of negative ion, and you will be refreshed.


When you actually touch water, you can see how clear water is. In summer you feel cooler and in winter you feel warmer when you touch water, which is a kind of interesting experience.



Please try to drink water.

You can drink water directly. However, I recommend you to bring a empty bottle for easler drinking and smoother water sampling to the next person.



The water is so fresh, so tasty.


Water in “Hongu no Izumi” is natural spring water, so, it is not recommended to carry around for a long time. Let’s drink up the bottle of water at the spot while freshness remains.


If you want to bring water back as a souvenir, you can buy the sanitized and bottle water named “Yonago no mizu” from some vending machines at Yonago City Waterworks Bureau or Yonago Cultural Center. It only costs 100 yen.


It might be a little bit different between the taste of water “Hongu no Izumi” and the taste of the bottled water. But, the taste of the bottled water surely reminds you of the lovely landscape in Yonago.


Also, you can drink mineral water of  “Hongu no Izumi” at “Yodoe Donguri Village” along the  Daisen sightseeing road.


But, we strongly recommend you to go to “Hongu no Izumi” first. Please enjoy the quiet and clear air there. Coupled with scenery, you can feel the taste of water more delicious.




Spring water in Hongu (Hongu no Izumi)

Hongu, Yodoe-cho, Yonagoshi, Tottori