Let’s rest your tired feet with a foot bath while enjoying local gourmet

Refreshed with a foot bath!


I introduce the recommended resting place for you who want to enjoy climbing and walking. “Daisenka no Kamidake Hot spring Foot bath” on approach of Daisen temple is a healing spot for travellers. Why don’t you rest your tired feet from a trip with this foot bath?



Good point of a foot bath is that you don’t have to take off your clothes. Also, it’s for free and no time limit. So you can enjoy a foot bath as much as you want.

Please take off your shoes and become bare feet, sit and put your feet in hot water and enjoy the foot bath. When you put your feet in hot water, your whole body will be healed. Please heal a tired body while massaging your legs.

The character of a foot bath is by simply attaching the under knee to hot water, the whole body warms up, and you can relax from the core of your body.



Even though you put your feet in hot water for long time,  you won’t get dizzy and consume physical strength. It is said that this effect is the same as a half body bathing.

Also, warming your legs improves blood circulation, so you can expect some health benefits.  I guess that your legs may be swollen when you become tired with walking.  In such a case, take a foot bath, and improve blood circulation and let your mind and body refreshed!



Let’s enjoy a footbath while enjoying local food!


A foot bath is an attraction that you can enjoy while do something, while chatting, listening to music, reading a book, just having relax and so on.

What I recommend this time is enjoying footbath “while eating Yuzu tofu”.

This foot bath is located across the “Goenyuin”, where you can enjoy day trip bathing.




Let me introduce very tasty “Yuzu Tofu” I found here.

Tofu is a processed soybean food that is eaten in Japan and Southeast Asia on a daily basis.

Though Yuzu is familiar to Japanese people, this was my first time to eat Yuzu flavored Tofu. I ate it up at once, while feeling Yuzu flavor.

Basically, Tofu needs soy sauce needs for eating. There is soy sauce  prepared at the front desk, so when you eat Tofu, please try to use it.



Tofu in Goenyuin is original homemade tofu made with water source from 1300m underground. There are a lot of other soybean products of soy milk and tofu, like soy milk pudding, tofu cakes and donuts. It is good point that you can take out coffee.

To enjoy a footbath while eating original homemade tofu close to Daisen mountain is entertainment that you can enjoy only here.

Please try to stop by here when you go to Daisen.



About approach to Daisen temple


On the approach to Daisen temple, there are cafes, restaurants and hotels and so on. You can also enjoy Japanese traditional food “Soba”, and you can buy souvenirs on this road. There is Daisen temple nearby, and you won’t get bored.

Please enjoy shopping, a foot bath and “Goenyuin” of day trip to the hot springs.

Also, please charge energy here and enjoy Tottori trip to the fullest.

Hope you have a nice trip!



25, Daisen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
TEL 0859-48-6801