Calm down and start writing-Transcribing a sutra-

In this busy modern society


Modern society is said to be too busy from children to adults, and it is said that we have much stress of physical and mental. In such modern society, people go out for feeling nature or go to a therapy, and people think various ways to reduce the stress even a little.
In Japan, there is that way of “transcribing a sutra” when we want to be calm down.



What is “transcribing a sutra”?


Transcribing a sutra is is to transcribe Buddhist sutras. Originally, In the era without printing technology, it is said that copying has begun in order to spread Buddhist scriptures brought back from China. It is not only sutras but also photographs that transcribe the Buddha. Both are done as one of monks’ practice as a work of obtaining blessing.



Zen meditation and Transcribing a sutra


In recent years, overseas travelers who want to touch Japanese culture try experiencing Zen meditation.

Zen meditation makes spiritual unity while keeping correct posture. It is basics of Zen meditation to arrange posture, breathing, and mind. Zen meditation and Transcribing a sutra are very similar, and there are places where you can experience both Zen meditation and Transcribing a sutra in all over Japan.



To experience in Daisen


You can experience Transcribing a sutra at a hospice. originally, the hospice is accommodation for monks or worshippers. But, at present, the number of facilities that accept such as general tourists also increases, it is getting popular because you can experience shrine culture.

There is a hospice called “Sanraku-so” in front of Daisen temple, you can experience Transcribing a sutra.

It is located at the far end of Japan’s longest approach road, and it will continue to Daisen temple after climbing a stone stairway.

This place is lush area and quiet. You will feel holy atmosphere, and you will feel also like being in a different world. In a room of such a special space, we will do Transcribing a sutra.



Worldly thoughts


We production staff got a car trouble in the day of coverage, and we arrived late. But, a chief priest greeted us with a gentle smile, and explained the way carefully, even though we were late.

The chief priest leave when he finish the description of the way for Transcribing a sutra. So, you can focus to do the Transcribing a sutra.

It needs to keep a posture which is straight sitting during Transcribing a sutra. Then, worldly thoughts like “foot pain” appears in letters. When I saw the letters, I felt that my emotions appear to the letters very straight.

Transcribing a sutra needs to practice many times, and you will realize that it has become your custom and have a concentration someday.



Politely with familiar things


You don’t need to use a writing brush for Transcribing a sutra. Using a pen or a pencil are also ok. The point of Transcribing a sutra is calming the mind. Even though your writing is not good or making mistakes, their are no problem.

It is ok to start drawing the tracing a picture of a Buddhist image from anywhere, it is finish when it drew a urna and eyes and paint the eyes black. After you finished to  concentrate drawing, you mind will be refreshing.

“Transcribing a sutra” and “the tracing a picture of a Buddhist image” are Buddha itself. Therefore please do not throw it away, even though do still don’t finish. Let’s decorate or keep it, or have it burn at temple.



What we need


In recent years, in a stressful society, Some schools try to incorporate meditation from kids generation. Meditation is also the same as others, so you can feel relax effect and increasing concentration. Some schools alreday understand the effects. Transcribing a sutra is also similar with a meditation.

Originally, although Transcribing a sutra had religious implications, nowadays, people who try to do them for a mental concentration and a spiritual training without religion and sect are increase.

It will be a good opportunity to look back on yourself by forgetting every day, and by doing with peace of mind and prayer of fulfillment fulfilled.



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