Commanding a magnificent view of mountain ridge-Daisen Milk no Sato-

It’s very famous place to local ! Leisure facility “Milk no Sato”



Leisure facilities in Daisen Pasture House, “Milk no Sato”.  When I visit Daisen with my friend,  “Milk no Sato” is the first place I go. “Milk no Sato” is very popular, so many people also come to this leisure facilities from outside of the prefecture. Cows are put to grazing, and the relaxed appearance makes us feel calm.



Don’t miss soft serve in “Milk no Sato” !



The most famous thing in “Milk no Sato” is soft serve. It is very popular in local, you can eat the soft serve of rich milk taste for 350 yen. “Milk no Sato” is closed in winter season. But when it is opened in spring, this ice serve becomes so popular that many of my friends get eager to go there to eat it.



Magnificent natural scenery



While sitting on the grass and looking over the magnificent natural scenery with soft serve in a hand, you will be captivated of the curves of Yumigahama peninsula. I would like you to see the scenery in a sunny day. You will be healed by a refreshing wind.



And when you look back, there is the Symmetrical.

beautiful Daisen mountain. The Daisen mountain seen from here is very powerful and recommended. This is the best location.



They sometimes open during night time


In summer, they sometimes open during night time. When it becomes dark around, you can see fantastic night view and a lot of stars on overhead. I bet you want to take pictures, because the scenery has difference attraction from daytime!



“Milk no Sato” also serves delicious meat.


There is also a restaurant in “Milk no Sato”. You can eat dishes cooked with fresh cream and butter from Daisen Dairy Farming Cooperative Association, which produces “White Rose Milk”.

If you want to eat a meat made in Tottori prefecture, please try to go to ” BBQ cabin”. It should be fun to have BBQ with friends! By the way, “Milk Shabu Shabu”, which we boil thinly sliced meat in a hot pot needs reservation.



Workshop of homemade sweets


If you have time, it would be a good idea to go workshop of homemade sweets. This workshop needs reservation, so please check the official website of “Milk no Sato”.



There is a doll of cow outside, and you can experience milking. I tried milking for the first time, but it was not so difficult! The water likened to be milk came out firmly.



Abundant souvenirs



“Milk no Sato” sells also souvenirs, and there are abundant products of Daisen dairy and products of Tottori souvenirs. As their products increased my desire to buy, I bought Milk Sables and ate them with my friend!



“Milk no Sato” sells not only foods but also miscellaneous goods. This time, I bought  masking tapes. Thinking what to use the masking tape for makes me excited. Their miscellaneous goods are getting more popular, and not only masking tapes but also note and T-shirts are sold.



Please pay some attention to the cute display of the souvenir department. Satisfied to see, satisfied to eat, satisfied to buy… Why don’t you go to play in such “Milk no Sato”?



Daisen Milk no Sato

2-11, Mizunashihara, Kobayashi, Houki-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
TEL 0859-52-3698