A luxurious time spend while feel nature -FBI DAISEN-

Camping place where be able to see Daisen


At bottom of Daisen mountain, there is camping place called FBI-DAISEN where it takes about 30 minutes from Yonago city by a car.  This facilities is relatively new in Daisen, it is already popular spot as that camping place to be able to stay at stylish tent.

The owner cut a forest or Daisen, and created this camping place in the forest.  I am always healed by this nature’s smell.


There are various types at each camp site, there are places that high-floor type and two-storey buildings. It is like a tree house. Tarp roofs, tables and chairs are put at each building. And there are also rental of necessary tools for camp a lots, so you can enjoy even though you comes here by empty-handed. If you bring gadgets, it would be able to do photogenic and original camping.



Restaurant bar which the wind of the forest blows through



Even if you don’t camp, you can use the restaurant bar where in the center of the field. General use is possible here.

The restaurant bar which surrounded by wood deck is that forest air flows in all directions, and the air goes through to the forest as it is. In lunch time, there are specialty menu like FBI barger and loco moco and so on, and you can also enjoy a variety of cocktails in the dinner time.


In sunny days…

You can enjoy lunch while feeling a comfortable wind. Especially, I would like to recommend this little tall chair that is in the wood deck.



This chair is difficult to sit because it is tall a little. But, please try to sit and relax like a this photo. And let’s keep your head on the backrest and look up at the sky. The green leaf spreads in the field of view, and light that comes through the leaves through it sparkle like a wave.

You will have experience like that is sucked in the green sky. You will be hungry after you inhale the fresh air to the full of chest.



In rainy days…

I recommend that reading a book while listening to rain sounds or having relax on the sofa.


Forest in the rainy days is different with the rain felt in the city, so please try to listen to the sounds of raindrops, and try to observe lively green. You will forget the time, and you will feel assimilate into the forest.



Let’s explore!


Although this information is not so known, you can explore around campsite by paying the facility fee. You can have a picnic on the wide lawn and take a walk around campsite.

Owner seems to have left a tree native to the forest, and you can find many great trees. Depending on the season there are trees with many flowers like cherry blossom, and there are some places where swings are hanging. Please try to explore! You will be invited by such a forest, and enjoy like a child.



Feel the nature!


A trip you have looked forward from months ago. Are there people who want to use full of time to the trip which it has planned? If you are the person, I would like to recommed the camp that it is able to enjoy the Daisen at the night.

Feeling air of night forest while seeing stars, and chatting with friends while surround a bonfire, this experience will be special which you can’t do in the hotel for you.


There are some facilities like shower room and bathroom and so on in the forest.

This building that fairies seems to live is a bathroom!!

This campsite is very comfortable, and also it is prepared some enjoyable facilities. You don’t need to worry about anything, because most of things are provided. You can enjoy a refreshing morning with birds singing, and the sun’s warm light.



All stuff is great! You will have the time of bliss.

Staff of FBI-DAISEN are very friendly, therefore I could enjoy this coverage. If you have questions, please try to ask about a recommended point of FBI-DAISEN and Daisen mountain to them!

I got a latest information when I took a coverage. Toward summer, a pool is under construction!! And, a big event are planned in autumn!!

Please try to check evolving FBI-DAISEN!And, connection with local people is also enjoyment of trip. I still have information that I would like to recommend…

In FBI-DAISEN in nature, there will be different experience every time. I think that the experience is the most enjoyable and attractive. Please try to enjoy your time in the FBI-DAISEN.



FBI DAISEN -First class Backpackers Inn DAISEN.

706, Kobayashi, Houki-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
TEL 0859-57-3428
URL https://www.fbi-camping.com/daisen/