Enjoy photography! -Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography-

Photo lovers should visit here! Recommended Museum of Photography.


One of the best Tottori sightseeing spots which photo lovers cannot miss is “Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography”.The museum located in Houki town is a private museum of a photographer, Mr. Shoji Ueda.


Shoji Ueda(1913-2000) is one of the most noteworthy Japanese photographers in the world. He had earned a high international reputation, receiving such as French Arts and Culture Medal Chevalier. He had been a professional recognized as photographer, but he had been saying that “I am a amateur” by himself, while he spent his all life for shooting.


He took a photo of beautiful scenery of the Sanin, and he placed the model just like an object. This photography style is known all over the world, and foreigners call that style “Ueda style”. In the picture, the figure of people before the war and after the war have been projected, which makes us feel nostalgic like a time travel to ancient Japan.


A woman wearing a kimono, a figure of a man wearing a black hat and so on are photographed. Though the photo is in black and white, you must be drawn into the world of stylish and unique photography. I also became tempted to decorate his photo in my room after going to the museum for the interview this time.


Let’s enjoy shooting photo!

You can see scenery of beautiful Daisen from the museum, and you can also enjoy taking a photo with grand scenery as background. A black hat is drawn in the window, and it looks like that Daisen wears the hat. It is very unique. As the stick and the umbrella are prepared, many tourists can enjoy taking pictures by using them. Why don’t you try to take your original photo there?


Also in sunny day, you can see “upside down Daisen mountain” that is reflected on the surface of water. Even in cloudy day, you still can see the reflected Daisen slightly.


Although I have grown up while seeing Daisen, I could realize that the beauty and the size of Daisen again when I looked at the scenery with relaxed here.



Three highlights


There are also three highlights besides exhibited works at Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography.

Architectural design

The museum designed by architect “Shin Takamatsu” is designed symmetrically to be matched with Daisen.



“Video Exhibition Room and Giant Lens”

The 600mm lens, one of the biggest lens of the world is installed on the wall of the video exhibition room. From the big camera lens, the upside down mountain is projected.

A landscape around the museum

You can see Daisen against a background of the big sky.

Daisen seen from inside of the museum is like a photograph. It would be good to read books and to be relaxed while enjoying this landscape.



About inside of museum

There is a museum shop inside of the museum, and there are a post card, a poster, a catalog and original goods.


“Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography” is the indispensable sightseeing spot in Tottori where you can forget the time and enjoy the exhibition, photography, beautiful scenery, and shopping.


The museum is located in a convenient place where you can 30 minutes from Yonago city by car. There are many sightseeing spots around the museum. Even also, you can enjoy here without any problems. I hope you enjoy your trip!


Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography

Sumura, Houki-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
TEL 0859-39-8000